Oodles of doodles

Sketch animation! I still think about space from time to time <:
missy-etoile sent: i love your art style!! :D

Aww thank you! :)

art-noob sent: Goodness yes; you don't understand how giddy I get when I find a black artist on tumblr that draws fan arts of cartoons/anime. I hit that follow button quick, your work is lovely :3

Aww you little sweetie! Thank you so much :’D

So I’ve watched some episodes of My little pony and it’s quite cute! Fluttershy in particular reminds me of my little retro pony doll I had when I was younger, she looked very similar to this. Brought back some nostalgic feelings ; u;
This took waaaaay too long.
But basically I had the idea inspired by the Drago’s awesome dragon skin cape. And it made me think that if Hiccup ever outlived Toothless he would possibly make his skin into leather and wear it, it keeps him close y’know.
I might make improvements to this later but I’m pretty pleased!
Quickie birthday sketch for rebeccasugar! 
I really love her messy sketchy style so I tried to imitate it a little bit here with elements of my own style <: I like sketching like this!
dress by Giftieat
Needed the confidence boost last night, so i made another one of these yo
I can’t believe I forgot to mention this, but a few weeks ago a friend of mine went to annecy and met THE rebeccasugar at the animation festival. I wasnt able to go but she managed to get her to doodle a little garnet for me on a scrap bit of paper! You should have seen how happy I was to recieve this, it made up for the fact that I couldn’t go to Annecy this year ; u;

Pahaha so I decided to make one of these things with something simple to start off with, I don’t really like the excessive boob jiggling but whatevs???? 

Omg I woke up this morning and my follower count actually surpassed by post count! This is an absolute first for me thank you so much guys! :D