Oodles of doodles

Btw guys did I start the whole Gems wearing cute outfits thing?? Cus I think that’s pretty rad if I did, if not it’s still rad seeing the Gems in cute outfits by other artists *w*

I’m laughing so much oh mY GO D
I also managed to simulate an Ocean from scratch! Insanely proud of this one, once it’s all been rendered out I may post a higher quality video of this :)
Fun fact! This entire Ocean is actually a cube mesh ;D
I managed to simulate some sparks flying in Blender a few days ago! Quite pleased with the outcome :D
While Pearl was going a bit gaga over space n junk, I kinda just kept picturing her in Nyota Uhura’s Star Trek Outfit. Which is a little odd considering I’ve never watched Star Trek before, not even the recent movie.
Also I let Pearl keep her shorts because goddamn that dress is short.
Yo! So this is what I’ve been up to at work this week. Right now they want me to get familiar with blender so I set myself a little mini project! I just need to add hair so I can rig it and stuff :)
Anonymous sent: So for your new job, how did you apply? What kind if credentials did they ask for? You're getting paid to draw right? What kind of stuff are they asking you to draw? Im sorry these are a ton of questions, im really curious :3c

I actually found my job through an agency website and sent in my CV! Afterwards I had the interview and a few days after I was told I got the job :) I’ll be working as a 3D artist so I’ll be doing more than drawing, I’ll be modelling, texturing, rigging, and animating aswell, But at the moment I’m learning Blender (this is an open source 3D program btw!) which is the program they use for everything, so they haven’t asked me to draw anything in particular yet but I do know of future projects I’ll be involved in :)

I can’t give you more info than that though, sorry!

Yaaaaaaay I had my first day at work! Everyone is so nice and I’ll basically be paid to draw and do 3D stuff :D

I hope I make it through my probationary period ;u;

Thanks all for wishing me luck LUV U <3